viettesol 2014
call for papers

The 1st International VietTESOL Conference invites all teachers in Vietnam nationwide in the field of English Language Teaching to all educational levels, ranging from primary to tertiary education to submit an abstract for the 1st International VietTESOL Conference held in Hanoi, on 22-24 October 2014.

The 1st International VietTESOL Conference is a great event where essential issues related to teaching English to the Vietnamese at the afore-mentioned levels are presented by teachers as well as scholars in Vietnam. These issues are discussed with the participation of education policy makers, practitioners, and foreign professors in order to work out the efficacious measures. More importantly, the conference also aims to create research groups of the same interests to write research proposals to apply for both national and international grants to actually tackle the problems. Furthermore, this event is a significant forum where both teachers and scholars can share their innovative ideas, discuss, and figure out the ways to put them into practice so as to upgrade teaching quality. In addition to the above-mentioned participants, the audience at this Conference will be composed of primary, secondary, high school ELT teachers and university ELT professionals.

In accordance with the Main Conference (22-23 October 2014), all teachers and scholars are also invited to submit posters to be displayed at the Poster Gallery held on 24 October 2014. These posters are of great importance since they provide participants and presenters with a huge number of sources and ideas.

Shortlisted candidates will be co-sponsored by Vietnam’s National Foreign Language 2020 Project and The US Embassy to participate in the conference. Expenses to be covered include transportation (from the hotel to the conference venue), hotel accommodations, meals and handout copies. The presenters are not provided with honorarium.